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About Us

We are a mixed bag team of like-minded people coming from diverse areas of expertise. The love for mother nature and all that she represents is the common thread tying us all together in this venture called Eco-Connect Ventures (ECV). Our think tank includes wildlife biologists, naturalists and business entrepreneurs, who have pooled in their resources of knowledge and passion for all things wild and free.

ECV is a private limited company structured in a novel, technology driven model bridging human interactions with nature. Through ECV we want to be the line that connects the dots of India’s natural heritage, bringing under one umbrella the many ventures and adventures offered by the flora and fauna of our nation.

We aim to do this through various means. Some of our most exciting projects include:

Building mobile applications and digital field guides that assist in viewing and identifying our rich bio-diversity.
Developing sustainable, nature-based tourism across India with the involvement and empowerment of local communities.
Building digital platforms that allow wildlife experts and enthusiasts to interact, network, learn and grow.

Our Mission

Natural history and the exploration of wildlife have been restricted to a very select group of the society – scientists, conservationists, wildlife photographers and the like. The common man, especially who are nature lovers have limited scope to enjoy and experience the wide and deep realms of the natural world.

We at ECV want to bridge this gap between the elite and the common through conscious collaborative efforts, by creating a generation of people who engage deeply with wildlife and contribute to its conservation.

We invite you to connect and collaborate with us in this exciting journey of nature conservation.

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Your Digital Bird Guide

Vannya is a unique mobile application, a first of its kind in India, which gives you instant information of the rich world of birds in India. With its ease of use and pleasing design, Vannya is a birder’s delight and a priceless tool for any bird scout.

Replete with pictures and information on 1000+ birds in India, the action-packed application has been launched as a free download for all Android and Apple users, worldwide. Exciting phase 2 developments and add-ons are waiting close on heels of the debut of phase 1 launch.

So, what are you waiting for? Download Vannya now.

So, what are you waiting for? Download Vannya now.


Green-tailed Sunbird

Black-browed Bushtit

Bar-throated minla

Derby's parakeet

Fire-tailed sunbird

Long-billed wren-babbler

Gould's shortwing

Spot-breasted parrotbill

Our Team


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